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MagpieRSS Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Hybrid parser, and object, takes RSS as a string and returns a simple object.

see: rss_fetch.inc for a simpler interface with integrated caching support

Definition at line 34 of file rss_parse.inc.

Public Member Functions

 append ($el, $text)
 append_content ($text)
 concat (&$str1, $str2="")
 create_parser ($source, $out_enc, $in_enc, $detect)
 error ($errormsg, $lvl=E_USER_WARNING)
 feed_cdata ($p, $text)
 feed_end_element ($p, $el)
 feed_start_element ($p, $element, &$attrs)
 is_atom ()
 is_rss ()
 known_encoding ($enc)
 MagpieRSS ($source, $output_encoding='ISO-8859-1', $input_encoding=null, $detect_encoding=true)
 normalize ()
 php4_create_parser ($source, $in_enc, $detect)
 php5_create_parser ($in_enc, $detect)

Public Attributes

 $_CONTENT_CONSTRUCTS = array('content', 'summary', 'info', 'title', 'tagline', 'copyright')
 $_KNOWN_ENCODINGS = array('UTF-8', 'US-ASCII', 'ISO-8859-1')
 $_source_encoding = ''
 $channel = array()
 $current_item = array()
 $current_namespace = false
 $encoding = ''
 $ERROR = ""
 $image = array()
 $inchannel = false
 $incontent = false
 $inimage = false
 $initem = false
 $intextinput = false
 $items = array()
 $stack = array()
 $textinput = array()
 $WARNING = ""

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