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MagpieRSS::php4_create_parser ( source,

Instaniate an XML parser under PHP4

Unfortunately PHP4's support for character encodings and especially XML and character encodings sucks. As long as the documents you parse only contain characters from the ISO-8859-1 character set (a superset of ASCII, and a subset of UTF-8) you're fine. However once you step out of that comfy little world things get mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

The following code is based on SJM's work with FoF

See also:

Definition at line 500 of file rss_parse.inc.

Referenced by create_parser().

        if ( !$detect ) {
            return array(xml_parser_create($in_enc), $source);
        if (!$in_enc) {
            if (preg_match('/<?xml.*encoding=[\'"](.*?)[\'"].*?>/m', $source, $m)) {
                $in_enc = strtoupper($m[1]);
                $this->source_encoding = $in_enc;
            else {
                $in_enc = 'UTF-8';
        if ($this->known_encoding($in_enc)) {
            return array(xml_parser_create($in_enc), $source);
        // the dectected encoding is not one of the simple encodings PHP knows
        // attempt to use the iconv extension to
        // cast the XML to a known encoding
        // @see http://php.net/iconv
        if (function_exists('iconv'))  {
            $encoded_source = iconv($in_enc,'UTF-8', $source);
            if ($encoded_source) {
                return array(xml_parser_create('UTF-8'), $encoded_source);
        // iconv didn't work, try mb_convert_encoding
        // @see http://php.net/mbstring
        if(function_exists('mb_convert_encoding')) {
            $encoded_source = mb_convert_encoding($source, 'UTF-8', $in_enc );
            if ($encoded_source) {
                return array(xml_parser_create('UTF-8'), $encoded_source);
        // else 
        $this->error("Feed is in an unsupported character encoding. ($in_enc) " .
                     "You may see strange artifacts, and mangled characters.",
        return array(xml_parser_create(), $source);

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